Kite Repair

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321 kiteboarding offers in-house kite repairs! We can repair any tears,

valves/nipples, kite lines, bridles, chicken loops, even bladders,

Your kite will fly again!

Our turnover is super-quick, usually just a few days as opposed

to jobs that can take weeks. We know it's blowing

and you need your kite back!

Print out this form to submit with your kite repair.


Drop by our shop:

400a West Cocoa Beach Causeway, Cocoa Beach 32931.

Click her to get started with your kite repair.

Check out our repair FAQ'S section or give us a call.  (321) 302-5663


Some small jobs are easily repaired, and we can show you how to do them. We also sell the

supplies, like Kite Fix,  and adhesive dacron that you'll need to tackle your own repairs.

321 Kite Boarding