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 The Third Annual

 Kiteoberfest Event and Demo Pictures

Was a blast! Click the link above for some pictures from the day.  Dont miss next years.





NOBILE NHP Split Twin tip

Nobile nhp_split_1





This 100% new model opens the door to enjoying kiteboarding anywhere in the world with less travel expenses. Nobile's unique W-Connection system allows you to half the board in just few seconds and pack it into your standard luggage together with the rest of your travel gear. The NHP Splitboard is dedicated to travellers, freeriders and drifters – to anyone looking for smooth performance and the chance to make the most of their precious holidays. The increased flex pattern (the board is 20% softer then the regular NHP) provides extra comfort and a super relaxing ride.


$1099 Call For Orders 321.302.5663


NHP Splitboard



Oh my, you are going to love these new German kites!


We had nothing, but smiling faces at the last demo.

Everyone loves Core kites!

Don't be the last last kid on the block to get one. We had to travel all the way to Germany to find these meticulously enigineered kites. Send us an email or ask for a private demo (ALL SIZES AVAILABLE).                            You won't believe the performance.



321 Kite Clinic

Learn all the basics 


THE GROUND COURSE IS ON FOR  January 3rd 2015  . 12PM

WE WILL MEET AT THE SHOP  235 West Cocoa Beach Causeway, Cocoa Beach Fl 32931

CALL 321.302.5663 FOR INFO

We are now offering our ground school (foundation course) for only $39 ! Normally $200, we offer it at a price so low that if you don't like it, "You can go fly a kite!"  But Seriously, see the reviews here:  321 Kiteboarding Lesson Reviews

We will cover safety, setup, wind theory, kite styles, trainer kite flying, and more. Normally about a 4-5 hour class. We'll be offering this service once a month or twice a month based on demand.

We want to make you a kiteboarder, but you need to be safe. Most beginners don’t want to pay for a costly ground school, and we don’t want to see you injured and to incur consequences for the kiteboarding community. The basics are a must, and we're happy to teach them at this price, no strings attached!

Stop by the shop or send an email. You must rsvp to attend: Name, number, address, and email are required. The classes will be held the first Saturday of each month unless otherwise noted.* Sign up asap, as we have a size limit. If you have a large group for which you'd like to make a special day, please do contact us.

This is your opportunity to learn to kite. Let us help!

*We may make exceptions on dates if they do not conform to schedules, but $39 lessons will only be dates specified. If a single person or group less than four people are scheduled, the clinic may be rescheduled or you can choose to pay a private lesson. 

Any Kite you want we have it. Give us a call for an honest opinion!


The Sun has been blazing! Come by and get a UV protective rash guard, or Kiter Specific Sun Block. You may like the dry cases for phones, iPads, and other electronics. We're also making 321 t-shirts (long sleeve too) and hoodies. Get a FREE 321 sticker for your vehicle in various colors.

321 kiteboarding has a shop in Cocoa Beach!

Our shop is right in near the corner of A1A and 520, just before you hit A1A going down 520, and we have access to some of the best kite and surf spots on the East Coast.





321 Kiteboarding School in Cocoa Beach, Florida

Central Florida has some of the best spots for kiteboarding lessons anywhere. If you are just getting started and want to ride in flat water, Brevard County has plenty of shallow, flat water on the Intercoastal Waterway (Indian River) and on Banana River. For the kiteboarder looking to ride in the surf, head over to the ocean for the best waves in the east coast.

Check out the Gallery



Please clean up after yourself and be respectful of others. We use the commons, we should steward them, and share with nonkiters, too!


Kiteboarder Insurance

Kite Surfer Insurance is now available through IKO for certified riders. If you are not already certified, it's just $20 for a proficient rider.

Kitesurfing / Kiteboarding Lessons Cocoa Beach, Florida

Why take kiteboarding lessons from a certifed instructor?


Kiteboarding lessons taught in flat water.

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321 Kite Boarding